Basic Guide to Domain Name Registration

Many people around the world are buying online which has prompted business people even those with physical stores to enter the online market. To get your business running online, just like a physical store, you will need space where your business can live and operate from. The only difference is that for the online business it is a virtual space. The domain name is what your visitors search to get you online. A domain name unlike the IP Address that constitutes of cumbersome numbers is an easier way for your potential customers to find you online. Therefore, when you embark to getting a domain name for your online store, you had better take your time and go through the process from the point of information and knowledge.

Domain name registration and Web hosting distinguished

Most people don’t understand the difference between a domain name and hosting. The best way of explaining the two concepts is to use the house as an analogy so that while the domain name will refer to the address of your home, Web hosting, on the other hand, can be likened to space in your house where you place your furniture and other belongings. So to launch your business online, you will buy a domain name from a domain name registrar. Buying a domain name makes you the legal owner of the website and gives you rights such as the ability to transfer the site, the ability to sell the site, as well as the right to make any changes to the site. After you have your desired domain name, you will need web hosting services. Web hosting providers will rent out web servers and network connection for your website to go live.

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We give you basic facts to help you when you buy a domain name

  • How can you protect your privacy when you buy a domain name?

The increase in e-commerce platforms and the fact that many people are transacting online has resulted in a sharp increase in cybercrime activities. So when you buy a domain name from any of the available registrars, you should ensure that your private information such as your name, contact address, email addresses, telephone and other valuable information is not displayed for the public. The best way to go about this is to register for Whois privacy for your domain name.

  • Is it advisable to register domain name free?

Free domain names have many challenges associated with them. You might not even be the registered owner of the free domain name meaning the person or registrar whose name appears as the proprietor of the domain name in the domains register will have exclusive rights to the domain name. Also, if you get a free subdomain, should you decide to transfer your website, you won’t be able to do a 301 redirect. Without a 301 you will lose all the internal links that you may have built over time.

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  • The amount of disk space and bandwidth

The kind of website you intend to build as well as the type of business you intend to carry out will inform on the size of disk space that you will need as well as the bandwidth for your business to run successfully. If your e-commerce platform will feature lots of graphics, and also you anticipate many visitors, it means that you will require a larger disk space and more bandwidth.


There are many factors worth looking into when you set to buy a domain name. The above points will get you on the right footing. Consulting a professional web developer can also be a wise idea if you intend to launch a sophisticated e-commerce platform.