Top 3 Tips on Choosing a Web Host

Choosing a Web Host

When thinking of setting up a website for business or personal use, choosing a web host is one of the crucial decisions you need to make. With the different and attractive offers from web hosting service providers, making such a decision is a mind boggling affair. Without prior due diligence, you can lose a lot of revenue for making a wrong web hosting decision. Essentially, your site can suffer from frequent down times and adverse SEO ranks.

To save you from falling into the hands of poor web hosting provider, this article presents the top three tips on choosing a web host. Here they are:

    The hosting price

When selecting a web hosting company, the price is a major factor. Some companies come up with wooing offers without disclosing other hidden charges. For instance, a company may come up with an initial hosting offer of $20. However, on the consequential renewals, you will have to pay three or four times the original price.

If you are budget sensitive, you have to consider the overall cost of hosting your site as well as the renewal charges. Otherwise, you will have to pay higher expenses that might be beyond your budget. In simple terms, always choose a web host offering you affordable services that will not require you to dig deeper into your pocket in future.


Web security is a major concern in this decade of extensive cyber-attacks. Even though you cannot fully secure your website, you need to ensure that your web host can provide you with a reliable firewall that can counter malware directed on your site. Also, you should make sure that the service provider offers you a backup. In case cyber-attackers hack your site, it will be easier to restore it back within a limited duration.  If a web host does not offer security, then you should not take their offer.

    Technical support

Even if you are an IT guru, sometimes you will need assistance in solving certain issues on your website. Before choosing a web host, it is essential to consider their technical support service.  Always consider a web hosting provider with reliable 24/7 technical support. It can be a frustrating moment if you select a web host with poor technical support such that they are unreachable in the times of need. Importantly, consider providers with various support services.


In the end, choosing a web host is a crucial affair if you are looking to setting up a successful website. As such, you need to ensure that you get what you pay for, assured of your web security and offered the right technical support.

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